How to Play

Shuffle and deal 5 white cards to each player.

Pick one player to be the judge. Call this person Korihor because they are likely to be full of blasphemy and social dischord.*

Have Korihor shuffle the black cards and flip over the top one. The rest of the players now pick a white card from their hands that they think best fills in the blank on the black card.

Once all players have submitted a card, Korihor decides which of the cards best compliments the black card. Like all well-known Anti-Christs, Korihor’s decision can be completely subjective.

Whoever wins collects the black card and becomes Korihor for the next round.

*No matter what anyone says, nobody is allowed to render Korihor mute and/or deaf. Also, no trampling. Alma didn’t write these rules, Jerilyn Hassell Pool did.