a card game for Telestial Mormons


In November of 2014, Jerilyn Pool created this game for Mormons and former Mormons and also those who love Mormons but won’t go near a baptismal font if their lives depended on it. If you enjoy poking fun at the culture of Mormonism and you have been known to enjoy some loud laughter from time to time, this game is for you.

Is it kid friendly? Maybe. It depends on your kids. There is one card in particular that nobody will want to explain to Grandma, but for the most part, this game is enjoyed by everyone from bishops to apostates (but not Stake Presidents or above, because accepting those callings involves having your sense of humor removed) (as far as I can tell) (feel free to prove me wrong).

The game was originally developed and sold under another name, (homophone: More Manatee), but in December of 2017, a humorless curmudgeon ruined both the game and Christmas.

The original base pack and expansions packs can be purchased below.




“Wo unto the player of this game, for he shall be danged down to heck.” -2Nephi 9:34

How to Play

Shuffle and deal 5 white cards to each player.

Pick one player to be the judge. Call this person Korihor because they are likely to be full of blasphemy and social dischord.*

Have Korihor shuffle the black cards and flip over the top one. The rest of the players now pick a white card from their hands that they think best fills in the blank on the black card.

Once all players have submitted a card, Korihor decides which of the cards best compliments the black card. Like all well-known Anti-Christs, Korihor’s decision can be completely subjective.

Whoever wins collects the black card and becomes Korihor for the next round.

*No matter what anyone says, nobody is allowed to render Korihor mute and/or deaf. Also, no trampling. Alma didn’t write these rules, Jerilyn Hassell Pool did.